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1. Deposit

   a. All students are required to pay a deposit prior to class confirmation.

    Reason: Many students have cancelled classes without any notice in the past, hence, creating a lot of inconveniences for the teacher.

   b. The amount of the deposit is generally calculated at equal to 2 hours of tutoring fee.

   c. The tutoring fee is based on: distance travelled, toll charges ( if any ), fuel, time of the

   day ( travel time due to traffic, etc).

   e. Students may opt to study at the teacher's residence at a much lower fee. ( base fee)

2. Cancellation policy,

   a. All students are required to give a minimum of 24-hour advance notice to cancel a class.

   b. Failure to give a 24- hour advance notice can result in forfeiture of your deposit.

   c.  The teacher may ask for a new deposit in case of a deposit forfeiture.

   d.Multiple class cancellations with or without proper notice can result in permanent

    class cancelation if the teacher deems the excuses are not valid.

3. All students must understand and agree to our policy before a tuition fee can be accepted.

4. The teacher must give a 24-hour advance notice to cancel a class as well. Failure to do so will result in one hour of free tutoring session for the cancelled student.

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